Personal Growth Books

Louise L. Hay

In Mirror Work Louise Hay, a great reference for personal growth and spirituality, reveals the most effective method to love ourselves in body and soul: working with the mirror.

In this book, Hay details a 3-week work plan that combines reflections with practical exercises to resolve internal conflicts and sow the seeds of the love, success, and happiness we deserve. As it does? Using powerful affirmations.

Affirmations are capable of sowing healing ideas in the unconscious, but their power is multiplied when you pronounce them in front of the mirror. 

A book to change your life with a powerful, yet simple technique.

Thibaut Meurisse

Master Your Emotions is a “manual” that we wish our parents had given us at birth. With this book, you will learn a step-by-step process to deal with any negative emotions and live a happier and fuller life. 

In this book, the author details how we can deal with our emotions, starting with understanding how they work, and then applying specific techniques to manage them effectively. 

This book is a must read if you want to turn your emotions into your most powerful personal growth tool . This book offers us: 31 simple step-by-step strategies, a formula to reprogram your negative feelings, tips and concrete tools for personal growth.

Marc Reklau

Self-esteem affects all aspects of our life. Whether you want to achieve important goals, multiply your income, build great relationships, or simply feel satisfied with yourself, it all starts with healthy self-esteem. Love Yourself First! is a practical guide that shows how to definitely increase it in 30 days.

In this book, Marc Reklau shows us how to increase self-esteem without beating around the bush, through practical exercises that we can all do. No matter what your past was like, you can rewrite your history and build a powerful self-esteem with which you can :

  • Leave behind the fear of what others will think of you,
  • Eliminate negative thinking and self-doubt
  • Silence your inner critic and make mistakes without self torture,
  • Feeling worthy of love in all your relationships,
  • Boldly ask for what you want and get it,
  • Overcome anxiety and acquire a positive attitude towards yourself and the world, 

and much more…

Marc Reklau

Starting conversations or feeling really comfortable being with strangers is not always easy to achieve, although our success at home and in business depends a lot on how we get along with people . The good news is that this skill is something we can learn.

In this book, personal development consultant and international bestseller Marc Reklau reveals the secrets and psychology of having successful relationships with other people. 

It is a practical and simple guide, with 62 strategies to build successful relationships and be able to positively impact and persuade people. 

How to Become a Magnet for People is the book that will give you the tools you need to get the results you want and impact everyone you communicate with.

Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza devoted many years of his life to the study of the human mind, and in the movie “What the bleep do we know !?” He began to explain how the brain develops , how it acquires the ability to concentrate in the midst of chaos, and even to heal the body and psyche. This book presents that information in depth in order to help us take control of the mind.

Dr. Joe Dispenza not only teaches why people tend to repeat the same negative behavior patterns, but he shows us how we can free ourselves from them. 

With the combination of science and practical steps, the author teaches us how to use the most important tools of our brain to positively impact our body and life.  

Develop Your Brain is a book that explains how new thoughts and beliefs can literally renew the brain to change behavior, reactions and habits.

Louise L. Hay

The Power Is Within You is the continuation of You Can Heal Your Life. In this new book, Hay shares the new ideas that have been revealed to her in the time after she wrote that book. 

This is a book that reveals that the power we all seek outside is also within us and is easily accessible for us to use in a positive way. 

It is a book that reveals all the power that we truly possess, everything will depend on how we use it.

Joseph Murphy

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy sets out  that our habitual way of thinking and the patterns of our imagination shape and create our destiny; for what man thinks in his subconscious, that is.

Murphy has seen miracles happen to people of all walks of life all over the world, and he claims that miracles can happen to us as well when we  begin to use the magical power of the subconscious mind. 

Why is one man successful and happy, and another poor and miserable? Why is one a genius in his work and another does not go beyond mediocrity? Why a person overcomes an “incurable disease” , and not another? This book aims to clarify and answer these questions and many others like them.

Here are some of the best personal growth books

In this part of Astropedia you will find some of the best and most useful personal growth books, famous not only for having been best sellers, but for the great contribution they made to many people. 

Still don’t know which personal growth book to choose from among so many?

It is true, there is a lot of offer of this type of reading; That is why the lists, reviews and rankins are so important to shorten the election time.

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Personal development books touch on complex and profound issues that affect human beings today more than ever. With less and less time to devote to introspection and self-knowledge, today it becomes more and more important to consciously dedicate ourselves to exploring this part of us.

Also known as personal development, human development, personal change, self-help or personal improvement; personal growth is the  process of transforming ourselves that will lead us to adopt different beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

What is the result we expect with personal development?

That’s right, have a fuller life🌱

This full life can be achieved thanks to self-knowledge and the constant improvement of ourselves that leads to:

  • Build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Know precisely our weaknesses and strengths to fulfill our dreams.
  • Improve our state of health by acquiring better habits.
  • Have a more positive and healthy emotional life.
  • In general, to be better human beings.

Why is it important to read about personal growth?

Reading does not involve a significant investment of money, but it can offer you different views about the world and yourself, which is INVALUABLE.

Reading self-help or personal growth is a more direct way of questioning beliefs that we took for granted, and this is in large part the contribution of these types of books.

Far from settling for school or university reading, it is important to get used to continuing to work on our personal growth, and reading is a fundamental tool. It is your best ally in the construction of criteria, common sense and in obtaining new skills.

"Read and you will lead, do not read and you will be led".

Saint Teresa de Jesus


It’s a fact, life is a journey full of learning (from start to finish), and it doesn’t end with a bachelor’s or doctorate. And personal growth is not just about obtaining a degree of instruction or acquiring new skills for professional development.

Personal growth goes further. It tries to expand our mind and obtain from us all our potential.

There is no possible way to continue our personal growth if we stagnate, the diversity of self-help and personal development books is one way to access this knowledge through reading. That is why I firmly believe in the almost miraculous power of reading. 

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