Numerology of Name | Who are you, really?

The numerology of name (or numerology name number) is used to determine a person’s personality (talents, inner needs, emotional behavior, etc.).  

The secrets behind the numbers of your first and last name will reveal who you are in the eyes of the world and what your life mission is.


How to calculate the numerology of my name?

To find the numerology of name you will need your full name: Name + Surname

Each letter of your full name will have a value, as you will see below ⬇

Numerology of name - table of letters

Numerology of Name FORMULA:

All you have to do is 3 calculations:

  1. The sum of the VOWELS (X)
    If “X” is a 2-digit number, you must reduce it to just one by adding both digits (see example).
  2. The sum of the CONSONANTS of your full name (Y)
    As in step 1, if Y is a 2-digit number you must reduce it.
  3. And the sum of the previous two (X + Y = Numerology of Name)
    Finally, remember to reduce this number to a single digit if necessary.
Numerology of name example

And that’s it. Once you have the final number, find out what it means below:

Meaning of each number

Meaning of #1

If the result of the numerology of your name is 1, it means that you are a person who always seeks to be the best.

You set pretty high goals for yourself and have high expectations for the people around you.

You are a bit of a perfectionist!

You are always looking for excellence. 

❌ The negative effect of this is that some may feel subjected to your presence, since number 1 is very demanding and has a tendency to judge others harshly.

✅ The advice for you is to keep in mind that people do what they can. You will have better results if you lead them from a more positive side.

Meaning of #2

Number 2 is the born social worker. If this is your number, it means that you are a person who hates conflict and you are the one who wants to solve the situation when you witness an argument.

You are the peacemaker or mediator, you are also kind, you advocate for peace and you greatly value having relationships of love and respect.

Number 2 feel unhappy in discord and convey their pain a lot through their gaze. If you are a 2, it is very common to see yourself playing the role of mediator.

numerology name number 2

You do not usually seek recognition or power, and as a ✅ key advice for you is to choose carefully with whom you are going to work and interact. Why?

The reason is that they could take advantage of you, your good touch and good heart. This would be good advice for you if you got number 2.

Meaning of #3

The number 3 is the communicator by nature; the perfect showman (or woman).

If your numerology of name is a 3, you are an extraordinary communicator and you are one of those who need to show themselves as they are. You have the need to tell others what you think and how you feel.

This number is recommended to dedicate themselves to acting, as this will give them great satisfaction. In general (and although you may not suspect it yet) you are skilled either in front of a stage, in front of a classroom or as a speaker and lecturer.


numerology of name number 3

As number 3 you need to express.

For you being on stage is something natural, and if not, it would be because you have been dragging wounds from your childhood. All 3 are resourceful people and they really appreciate applause; be recognized and appreciated for what they think.

Meaning of #4

Number 4 represents a solid foundation for others, security for those close to them.

If you are a 4, it means that you are a fairly responsible person and you value your home very much.

❌ The downside? You are often too outspoken and may accidentally annoy or hurt others. ✅ A tip for this number is to take better care of what you say.

señales de que le gustas

This number implies a strong need to acquire knowledge, a taste for learning

You can develop great culture and inform others, but it is recommended that you limit what you say and be prudent, because your frankness can work against you.

Also, you have the value of honesty and organizational skills, which will be highly valued by others in the long run, as they are the pillars of the security that you offer to them.

Meaning of #5

If your numerology of name is number 5 it means that you have a LOT of energy. People can notice that great energy when they are around a number 5.

The downside to being a 5 is that you have a tendency to be an escapist; liking the pleasures of the world too much (travel, food, substances, and so on), but you can also become a workaholic.

numerology name number 5

If you are a 5, you are one of those who love to celebrate life, you want to always enjoy and see what is out there.

Number 5s have a great fascination for beauty, they will always be attracted to doing things that they consider beautiful. As a 5 you are an excellent party decorator, for example. Also, you are very attracted to mystery, you like to listen to stories.

As ✅ a tip for you, 5, you should try to keep busy and have clear goals, in addition to dedicating yourself to something that satisfies you, otherwise it will be very difficult to stay there.

Meaning of #6

Number 6 is usually quite attractive, but we are talking about something beyond the physical.

If you are a 6, you know how to show your own self very well and have great magnetism. Of course, you want to command; you have authority, which makes it easy for others to follow you. You could be a great leader.

All very well, but what is the downside of being a 6?

numerology of name number 6

Your ❌ negative side is that you can get quite nervous when everything goes too well, because you have to learn to relax. One ✅ piece of advice for you is not to be too afraid of problems, as they are not always chasing you, and when they arrive it is to receive the lesson that they carry behind.

The 6 are people who can be trusted, but so much that they need to learn to calm down.

Your great effort will help you build great things in life, but you need to learn to stop and rest. It is precisely that confidence and leadership that makes you so attractive.

Meaning of #7

Number 7 is a great enigma, because nobody knows it completely. They don’t even get to know each other themselves and often insist on doing so.

You are an observer. 7 is known as the writer number.  ✅ The advice for you is that you must learn to choose your words well when you criticize others, because you can also offend without realizing it.

You are characterized by being courteous and have a lot of faith; you are a true spiritual.

Everyone can benefit from having a number 7 in their life. Your job is to get to know yourself and relate to your spiritual side.

Meaning of #8

8 is the number of the strongest people. They like to let others know how to place themselves in different situations; Let’s say you know how to mark your ground.

If you are an 8, it means that you are a sensitive person and you may have a habit of collecting objects for sentimental reasons.

You are attracted to quality and therefore you care a lot about having the economic income that allows you to have this level of life. You are attracted to luxury and living well.

numerology name number 8

The 8 is usually successful in getting a lot of money, or also losing it in large amounts. This is a matter that you must take care of in this life.

One piece of advice for you, 8, is to learn to listen to the advice of others, of those you love who really want to help you.

If you are a number 8, let yourself be helped.

You must also find a way to express your love for others, because you are really sentimental but it is difficult for you to express it. That’s all you need to polish as a number 8.

Meaning of #9

Finally, the clever number 9:

The 9 has a very noticeable energy too; You do not go unnoticed by others. You have the ability to help other people a lot, since 9 is the number of altruism.

The 9 have a privileged intuition and insight, so much so that they can intimidate others. For this reason ✅ the advice for you, 9, is not to say anything that might make you appear superior, even if you do it unintentionally.

Sometimes number 9 have conflicts with the family that it is recommended to overcome quickly. In other words, you have to learn to overcome resentments and let them go.

You are quite attached to your family, so any conflict with them can affect you a lot. 

If 9 is your number, the advice is to work on the feeling of needing family too much and cultivate doing things without approval.

Also, you must cultivate spirituality, as it will be of great help to achieve that serenity you are looking for.

The 9 have a lot of power and if you use it well, you will do it with great wisdom, becoming a true force for the good of the world.

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