Neville Goddard: How to manifest with mind power techniques

cómo manifestar con la tecnica de neville goddard

Ever since I discovered Neville Goddard he has fascinated me His teachings helped me see that many situations in my life came about through the unconscious use of creative visualization (or imagination).

This is very common and you have surely noticed it. That is why in this post I tell you all about Goddard and his infallible technique to manifest the future with the power of imagination.

These tips will help you materialize from day one , if you apply them with patience and enthusiasm. And the best: you will use your creative power CONSCIOUSLY.

Neville Lancelot Goddard was a well-known mystical and metaphysical author who lived between 1905 and 1972. He grew up in Barbados, on an island of the British colony located in the Caribbean.

He was the author of several books and lectures on different mystical topics, among which the use of the mind to create the future stands out.

His approach to metaphysics

When he was a child, one day playing on the beach with his brothers, a clairvoyant who lived there read the future to them. She said Neville had a mission in the world that would take him to a far away country to live. This prediction came true when at age 17 Neville moved to the United States to study art.

It was years later, when he was touring England, that he met a Scottish teacher who spoke to him about the powers of the mind. At that time he took a great turn in his life and concentrated on the study of metaphysics , later becoming a master of manifestation and mind. 

Neville dedicated his life to spreading ancient teachings on the power of the mind


In 1930, Neville began lecturing in New York. Thanks to his charisma and gift of speech, he began to win over the public and gather large audiences. For years he traveled throughout the United States transmitting his ideas.

His work aimed to illustrate the psychological teachings provided in the Bible and restore awareness of what the ancient masters intended to say to the world.

Neville died at the age of 67 in 1972 in the city of Los Angeles. In his last years of life he said:

“I have finished the work that they have entrusted to me and, as for where I go, there I will know them as much as I have known them here, because we are all brothers and we are infinitely in love with each other.”

How to use your imagination to create

Neville Goddard writed and recorded lectures on the teachings he received from his teachers and the amazing results he obtained in practice.

One of his recordings from 1955 reveals how we can use our imagination to achieve our goals.

In this recording Neville assures that he and the people he taught this method were able to materialize situations that previously seemed very far from reality . Also, he claims that he has seen it work many times and NEVER fails .

Clarity and persistence: The keys to materialize

Using the imagination to materialize is not complicated at all , but it requires that we be clear about what it is that we really want to materialize and persist in wanting it enough using our mind.

It consists, in a nutshell, of making a mental representation as vivid as possible of what you want as if it were already here . Later I will give you details of how he applied it to make it infallible.

✅ Living in the feeling of the fulfilled wish

Most people consciously ignore the fantastic POWER of imagination. Others use it without knowing it, while a few suspect its power but do not apply it persistently.

Neville in his works affirms with great conviction that the secret of using the imagination is to live IN the feeling of the wish fulfilled . 

That is, we must overcome that unconscious urgency that forces us to cling to the world of the familiar; we must use a few minutes of our night to live what we dream without ties .

Goddard emphasizes using imagination specifically during the minutes leading up to falling asleep.

“(…) And while I’m going from one room to the other in my imaginary house, I would go into a deep sleep in that state. And I know that in a way that I could not consciously conceive, I would make my home. I’ve seen it work over and over again. “

How To Use Your Imagination Lecture, Neville Goddard (1955)

❌ Avoid thinking ABOUT what you want

There is a big difference in thinking OF what you want and thinking FROM it. The latter is what Neville recommends and is what he assures has fulfilled his wildest wishes.

Thinking about what you want is not the solution, because it is not vivid enough , while thinking FROM it means imagining from the place you would occupy if your wish had already been fulfilled. That is, change your perspective and observe the world from the situation of the wish fulfilled.

An example of success

A very simple example is that of a woman who longs to meet her future husband . The way to apply your imagination would be to close your eyes when you are ready to sleep and begin to imagine yourself as a committed woman.

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Surely, you would wear a nice ring on your finger, so you will have to imagine that ring as vividly as you can. Feel the weight of the stone, observe its color, see how it shines; touching it over and over again, as well as feeling the illusion that that ring brings you every time you see it.

Once she is able to feel all the sensations vividly, she can fall asleep.

🌜 Persistence ensures the success of the technique

A key point for this exercise to work is consistency . Neville claims this has ALWAYS worked for him , as well as his students, and that it will take a few nights for the wish to materialize.

The more you do the exercise, the more realistic what you will see in your imagination. Repeating the desired situation over and over again will make it more and more realistic for you and this is what will make it come true.


Faith is the key enhancer in manifestation process 


When you see results

An approximate time for it to work? Neville does not specify this detail, as it must be impossible to determine, but in his anecdotes he mentions how long it took him and his acquaintances to achieve some of his wishes.

What you do in imagination is an instant creative act. However, in this three-dimensional world, events appear in a sequence of time. Therefore, what you have just experienced in your imagination may take a little time to realize itself in the outside world. “

How To Use Your Imagination Lecture, Neville Goddard (1955)

Testimonials and success stories

 1. Neville’s Impossible Journey Through Economic Crash

 Neville wished he could visit his homeland , but was in big money trouble due to the economic depression. It was at that time that he met the teacher who taught him about the power of imagination and who advised him to practice it to fulfill his desire to travel.

It took him 1 month to materialize the wish and he didn’t even have to get the money . It was his brother, with whom he had not spoken for years (Neville lived in the 1930s and it was not so easy to communicate) who sent him a ticket to travel by boat and money, asking him in a letter to visit that family. Christmas.


2. The woman who got her family back

An acquaintance of Goddard wanted to return to the home of her daughter-in-law and grandson, from which she had been kicked months earlier. His family relationship was shattered and he tried to apologize by sending many gifts to both of them, but was never thanked , so he applied the exercise.

Every night she imagined receiving a letter from them telling her how much they appreciated her and that they wanted her to return. The result? After 7 nights she received letters very similar to the ones she had been imagining and managed to return home to her family.


3.  Neville’s impossible marriage

In one of his books, Neville tells that he had found the love of his life and wanted to marry her. This was not possible because his ex – wife has refused to give her a divorce , then applied exercise every night.

After 3 weeks the unthinkable happened. A series of “accidental” events occurred in which he helped his ex-wife a lot, which is why, as a thank you, she granted him a divorce , thus managing to unite with his new partner.


“Persistent imagination, focused on the feeling of the wish fulfilled, is the secret of all successful operations. Only this is the means of fulfilling the intention. “

How To Use Your Imagination Lecture, Neville Goddard (1955)

🗝 Examples you can use

If you are still not sure which image to use to apply the exercise of imagination, here are two examples so you can get an idea.

🏡 Attract things: materialize a new house

The way to use your imagination to materialize a new place to live is as follows. First, relax in a chair or on a bed and close your eyes . First determine what it is that you want to live and in a state of complete relaxation bring to mind what the final result of your desire would look like.

If what you want is a new house , imagine that you are in one of the rooms of that house. Imagine that if you stop, you would be stepping on the floor of that room , you would see the walls and the ceiling. 


If you went out, you could walk through the other rooms , go downstairs, and use the bathroom. How would it feel to open the doors? How would it sound? Can you hear birds or cars nearby? 

Smell the environment while taking a bath in the tub and feel the humidity around you. Imagine the satisfaction of inviting your friends to your new home and the comments they would make about it

✈ Attract situations: materialize a relationship

This example is a personal one and I lived it after learning about some works by Neville Goddard. It had been more than a year since I knew anyone with whom I could have a relationship and for some nights (only when I felt like it) I liked to imagine myself in wonderful situations with a new partner. 

I remember that I imagined myself camping in the middle of the forest , watching the stars lying on the grass; then looking closely at the planets with a telescope. Also, I imagined myself traveling by car through wonderful landscapes , talking about the topics that I love with this new boy. 

I even remember that I imagined what this boy’s personality would be like : Someone very sensitive, a lover of mystery and paranormal.

This is my testimony and I did not realize that he had come my life until I experienced firsthand the scene of the telescope and the camp in the woods. You can imagine my surprise and joy at that moment. EVERYTHING as I had imagined came true and thanks to very curious “coincidences”. It was the most stimulating relationship I have had so far and with which I could see that this exercise works . 

How long did it take to materialize? Well, I did this exercise before sleeping about 5 times , approximately and after 2 months I had already met this person in a UFO surveillance camp in the desert. 

He was from another country and was in mine as part of his UFO research. What began as friendship progressed in a short time and when I realized it, I was already traveling to her country to experience everything I had imagined and much more. Every image became real.


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