How to Read Your Birth Chart [4-Step guide]

If ou want to learn how to read your birth chart interpretation, you are in the right place. In this article you will have all the keys and meanings to understand the most important information in your birth chart.

What elements does the birth chart have? What does each one mean? How do I interpret the position of the planets? 

Now you will learn all this in an easy and practical way, with which you will be able to decipher doubts about your personality, your natural talents and areas of life in which you have to work in this life.

🌜 What is the birth chart

To learn how to read your birth chart, you must first know what it is: 

A birth chart is just the drawing of the sky and its elements at a precise moment in time. 

In other words, the birth chart represents the sky as if it were a game board with certain elements (Astrological Houses and Zodiacal Signs) in which the planets will be located in a certain way according to the day to be analyzed.

The position of the planets in the houses and astrological signs will influence different aspects of the person’s life. 

Observing their position is that we will discover a lot of information about ourselves and the trends of our future. 

With this information we will have a powerful tool to develop our life in the most convenient way: The stars incline, but do not force.

Astral chart or natal chart: What’s the difference?

The birth chart is the graphic representation of the sky at any time you choose to analyze. 

Now, the natal chart is simply a birth chart of the exact moment of your birth . This astral chart is the one that most people want to analyze, as it explains many traits of our personality and our natural inclinations, with which we can prevent aspects of our future in our favor.

Elements of a birth chart interpretation

  1. The astrological houses
  2. The astrological signs
  3. The planets
  4. The Ascendant (ASC)

1. The astrological houses

When you are looking for how to read your astrological chart, you will come across the concept of astrological houses. 

The houses are the spaces that divide the great circle of the astrological chart and are 12. Each astrological house will give us information about each aspect of our life (such as the professional, social, health and other fields).

carta natal astro

Wheel of the astrological chart and the 12 astrological houses


What does each house mean?

Personality, the self that we show to others, the masks of the inner self  (connecting it and projecting it to the outside).

The beginning of House I also indicates the Ascendant (ASC), that is why the characteristics of the ASC sign and the planets that are located in this House will be reflected in the personality, and will provide the experiences that shape the personality of the consultant (sometimes more than the sun sign).

Values, attachment to possessions, material and intellectual resources, our talents and the use we make of all this.

House II is associated with material goods, money, the ability to provide, save and acquire; tendency to horre, debts; innate talents and internal tools that we have to obtain the resources (material or not) that we want in life.

It represents the way of thinking and communicating with others; mental speed, ability to learn and relate to the environment.

House III is related to short trips, the things that motivate us to study, learn and travel; as well as everything that arouses our curiosity. The planets and sign that influence this house will determine how we relate to our immediate circle, such as family and community.

Represents the relationship with the parents, childhood, origins and traditions of the consultant

The beginning of House IV coincides with another component of the birth chart, which is the Sky Background (FC), which symbolizes the encounter with the origins of the consultant. This house represents the area of ​​life in which we feel safe; the environment to which we belong (family and childhood).

Creativity, expression of self, hobbies, children, relationship with children in general

This house represents that in which we want to shine, feel unique and appreciated. Also, define what we like, our hobbies and creativity. It is the house that represents our relationship with children and children in general (including our inner child).

Represents work, health, routine behavior and our habits

House VI defines the type of work we can do to serve others; also our attitude towards work, our obligations, colleagues, bosses and subordinates. Lastly, this house is related to the consultant’s health and illnesses.

Relationships that involve commitment or cooperation with others (marriage, partnerships)

The beginning of House VII in the natal chart marks another aspect of it: the Descendant, which is the zodiac sign that opposes the horizon (the ASC) and signifies the encounter with others. 

It is the house of separations, dealing with the public, declared enemies. The planets and sign of this house will define our ability to maintain committed relationships and the characteristics of the people with whom we will seek to associate, as well as those who will tend to be our declared enemies.

Represents common goods, material losses, also the occult, sexuality, transformation and death

This house is related to death and the attitude we take about it, as well as transformation and the ability to regenerate. It also defines our attitude towards sexuality and union with the other person. It is also associated with curiosity about the occult, mysteries, fears, transformations and instability.

Long trips, higher studies, spirituality, philosophy and religion

House IX is associated with distant places and long trips, as well as higher studies, philosophy and relationship with the spirituality of the consultant. It is related to higher ideals, as it is the house of spiritual teachers, defining our interest in understanding life, understanding, as well as acquiring / delivering wisdom.

Related to the realization, vocation and achievement of objectives

The beginning of House X coincides with another aspect of the natal chart: the Midheaven (MC), which represents social fulfillment and the achievement of goals. 

It is also related to status, social recognition and our contribution to the community. The planets and sign that are located in House X will influence the development of the will, aspirations and realization of the consultant.

Friends, groups, teams and projects

This house is related to the friendships and associations of which the consultant is part. It also has to do with social life and the teachers that we will meet in life. It also represents the hopes, ideals, projects and strong desires related to the social group.

Represents the unconscious, intuition, collective unconscious, the psychic and mystical plane

House XII is the last of the natal chart and is associated with the querent’s subconscious information, intuition and life beyond the personal. It is also associated with recurrent diseases, withdrawals and prolonged confinement, as well as with hidden enemies (those that we do not know). 

It also speaks of weaknesses that the client is unaware of, so the planets and signs that influence this house will define our fears and complexes, but they could also enhance positive qualities to be discovered.

2. The astrological signs

We are used to reading about the personality of each zodiac sign , but we do not get into how more than one of them affects us (YES, we are influenced by many zodiac signs) at the time of our birth.

The astrological signs are 12 and, like the houses, on the wheel of the astrological chart each sign corresponds to a house starting with the sign of Aries (which corresponds to the astrological House I).

Learning what characterizes each sign is a fundamental part of knowing how to read your birth chart .

What characterizes each astrological sign?

It is characterized by its independence, capacity for action and leadership. 

Aries is the one who takes the initiative, likes to compete and test their ability to assert themselves over others. Sincere, direct and impatient; he likes to start projects with optimism and enthusiasm.

Related to the world of the physical senses to understand the world. 

Taurus is very sensual and given over to pleasures and material goods; giving great importance to the physical plane and possessions.

It is usually slow to act but does so conscientiously and lasts over time. They need commitment and familiarity to feel safe; they hold on to their possessions and relationships. Patient, collected, attentive, considerate and calm, although he can be inflexible and stubborn.

Great ability to communicate, persuade and know many things at the same time. 

Gemini likes movement and receiving stimulation; Self-taught, he likes the arts and dialogue, although he tends to superficially know things, jumping from one topic to another quickly. 

He is able to see different points of view, talented at not seeing a single truth in things and relating to different types of people.

Cancer is characterized by its great sensitivity, the world of dreams, capacity for imagination. Introverted, he likes to take care of others and be cared for. 

Taste for children, reluctant to grow up; great intuition and receptivity to the emotions of others. 

He is usually conservative and places great importance on the family. Turned into the past.

Leo is usually very creative and expressive, wanting to show his talent to be remembered.
This zodiac sign like to be the center of attention, they want the admiration of others and may appear conceited and arrogant, but they are always willing to help others less fortunate whenever possible, as they are kind and warm.

Virgo stands out for his mental conditions; they are passionate about details, they like order and being at the service of others. 

This zodiac sign adapts to situations and takes advantage of it; serve the community humbly, without needing to be the center of attention. 

It is difficult for him to see other points of view. He surrenders to your material needs.

Characterized by loving wisdom, wanting justice and objectivity, often falling into indecision for this reason. 

Libra is a diplomat and does not want to hurt anyone; it is in great need of harmony. Libra highly values ​​art, aesthetics and being in company.

It is characterized by its great ability to regenerate and start over; live with passion, needing a lot of maturity so as not to damage the things they hold dear. 

Scorpio tends to have extreme behaviors, with intense emotions, although on the outside they are capable of showing absolute calm. 

They can be dramatic if they are devoted to a cause; they are interested in everything hidden, mysterious and taboo. Scorpio has gifts such as healing, intuition and empathy; although it is capable of using the vulnerabilities of others to heal or harm.

Characterized by its ability to look to the future and perceive the world holistically. 

This zodiac sign tries to constantly broaden his horizons, be it traveling or researching; you want to acquire knowledge until the end of your life to understand the world as a whole.

For this reason they are interested in spirituality, although experience for them is more important than mere knowledge. 

Their optimism makes them forget the dark aspects of life, and they can fall into depression when the world reminds them of these less pleasant aspects of life.

Capricorn is characterized by its sense of belonging, respect for the rules and sense of responsibility. 

This zodiac sign adhere to the rules of society and yearn to be recognized by it, being able to assume responsibilities and work very hard. 

Persistent, patient and dedicated to long-term projects; disciplined and orderly. They can be severe, for them the end justifies the means; they like the traditional and to advance in the social.

Characterized by his broad outlook on life, nobility, and consideration for others. 

Aquarius believe in a good and free society, because they love freedom. Aquarius is very independent, does not support routine or impositions. 

Curious by nature, he is attracted to the mysterious; great instinct and creativity, although reluctant to arrange things. 

People of this zodiac sign reject the superficial, they are innovative and capable of relating to a lot but without fully committing themselves. Humanitarian and altruistic; great futuristic vision of life.

Characterized by his great goodness, intuition, mysticism and spirituality. 

Pisces wants to transcend human limitations, has great imagination and sensitivity, and can be nostalgic. 

This zodiac sign is in direct contact with the spiritual world and has a great social conscience; help selflessly and are capable of feeling the suffering of others firsthand. People of this sign tend to prefer dreams to the real world, they want to be saved and save others; has great adaptability.

3. The planets

The third element is as important as the others when reading your birth chart: The planets

In astrology this term also includes the Sun the Moon, and as with the astrological signs, each planet has an energetic correspondence with each astrological house, as for example the planet Mars has a correspondence with House I, and Venus with House II .

carta astral gratis completa

Correspondence between Houses, Signs and Planets

However, our natal chart will not look as neat as this image. 

The thing about the natal chart is that its elements are going to be variable, depending on your date and time of birth. 

Your astral houses could be one larger than the other, for example, and the planets will be located in different positions based on their actual location in our sky. These characteristics are key when it comes to learning how to read your birth chart.

What does each planet mean?

To understand how to read the birth chart you have to observe the location of the planets at the time of birth.

They symbolize dimensions of human nature that manifest themselves differently in each person and will influence aspects of their life, depending on their position.

Represents the true self, the basic identity of the person

  • The astrological sign where the Sun is located in the natal chart is the so-called zodiac sign (what we read in horoscopes).
  • The house in which the Sun is located indicates the area of ​​life that the consultant must work to excel and develop a healthy and strong self.
  • The planets that form aspects with this star will influence the development of the consultant’s self.

Represents emotions, feelings and affective relationships

  • The Moon is the second most important element in the natal chart, taking on greater importance in the first years of life. After childhood, it will be the Sun who will most powerfully rule the life of the querent.
  • The Moon will represent our inner child in adulthood and its position in the natal chart can tell us what the querent’s childhood experiences will be like.
  • The sign that is on the Moon will reveal our instinctive reaction to the environment, expressing itself through feelings.
  • It will also tell us what things provide us with greater security.
  • The house that the Moon occupies will reveal our most sensitive areas and those in which we will feel most secure.

Communication, way of understanding the world, intellect and mental faculties

  • Mercury is the planet that describes our faculties of communication, learning and study.
  • The sign that this planet occupies in the natal chart will inform us about our thought process and the way in which we acquire knowledge and communicate ideas.
  • The house in which Mercury is located will indicate the topics that most interest the querent and in which aspects of life they will be able to get the most out of it in the intellectual and communication fields.

Represents the things that attract us and our ability to attract others

  • Venus describes our search for harmony through art, love, and relationships; as well as the need to feel desired and our sexual capacity.
  • The sign in which Venus is in our natal chart will reveal the way we relate, love and want to be loved; as well as the things we want and the things we don’t.
  • The house in which this planet is found will tell us the areas of life where we will find greater satisfaction, balance and harmony.

Represents initiative, energy to act, the spirit of conquest and instinctive acts

  • Mars is the planet that represents active sexuality, aggressiveness; our relationship with the masculine.
  • The sign where Mars is in the natal chart will tell us how we look for what we want, how we fight for our goals and how we impose ourselves.
  • The house that occupies this planet will reveal the areas of life where we defend what we believe and how to compete for our interests.

Sociability, travel, philosophy, religious beliefs, and holistic understanding

  • The sign found in Jupiter in the natal chart will describe the way in which the querent seeks to understand life and transmit their spiritual or intellectual beliefs.
  • The house in which this planet is located will represent the area of ​​life in which the querent tries to expand his horizons.

Represents willpower, concentration, perseverance and sense of duty

  • Saturn is the planet that symbolizes the consultant’s attitude towards the norms of society, the material prevails over the spiritual. It is also related to self-criticism and the maturation of the person.
  • The sign in which this planet is located indicates the qualities of the consultant that is most difficult for him to develop and express.
  • The house in which Saturn is found in the natal chart reveals the areas of life in which the consultant has difficulty developing and where they will have more responsibilities.

Represents originality, revolution, independence and rebellion of the individual

  • Uranus represents the revolutionary side of the person, creative and unpredictable inspiration. Also associated with progress and technological advancement.
  • Uranus takes 7 years to travel a zodiac sign, so that sign will influence many people.
  • The house in which this planet is located in the natal chart indicates the areas of life in which we will feel more revolutionary and independent.

Represents sensitivity, inspiration, dreams and universal love

  • Neptune is the “spiritual planet”, related to the psyche, the fusion with the “whole”; also with addictions. 
  • Due to its remoteness from the earth, it takes 14 years for this planet to travel a zodiac sign, this sign influencing entire generations of people.
  • The house in which Neptune is found in the birth chart will tell us the areas of life in which the consultant will act for others instead of himself; those where you will find confusion, illusion and even disappointment, as you will be guided by intuition and your generosity.

Symbolizes transformation, regeneration and our ability to change

  • Pluto is associated with death, sexuality from a psychic perspective, hidden things, control of emotions and power. 
  • It takes between 12 and 32 years to go through a zodiac sign, so that sign will influence many generations of people.
  • The house that Pluto is in will tell us the deep parts of our self in which we must transform ourselves into something positive.

4. The Ascendant (ASC)

The ascendant is the zodiac sign that is on the horizon at the time of our birth.

The position of the earth will vary, depending on the time, which will cause the constellations of the zodiac signs to vary their position in the sky. 

Thus, according to the time of your birth, your ascendant will be that zodiacal constellation that is located on the horizon (the point where the sun rises) at that moment.

el ascendente

How to read your birth chart step by step

  1. Find your sun sign (Sun).
  2. Interpret your rising sign (ASC).
  3. Find your moon sign (Moon).
  4. Analyze your astrological houses.

1. Find your sun sign (Sun)

It represents our ego, the potential that we can achieve in our life. 

The sun spends about 1 month in each zodiac sign and, depending on its position, it will define our so-called zodiac sign. This is the aspect that we all know about our natal chart, the one that we usually read in horoscopes.

While the sun sign can be said to be the most important aspect of the birth chart, it is not the only one. Our personality and different areas of our life are governed by other aspects of our birth chart, that is why many of us do not feel 100% identified with our horoscope.

The Sun tells us how we relate to our father and the masculine.

The Sun: I AM

2. Interpret your rising sign (ASC)

The Ascendant is you and the way you face life. The rising sign is the one that rises on the horizon of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. 

It is the second most important aspect of your birth chart and it will tell you how you approach life, how you show yourself to others and the qualities for which you are known.

Some say that the ASC is a mask of the real me; the face we give to the world.

The Ascendant: I ACT

3. Find your moon sign (Moon)

La luna representa nuestras emociones, nuestros sentimientos y la manera cómo nos relacionamos con nuestra madre y lo femenino.


The moon represents our emotions, our feelings and the way we relate to our mother and the feminine.


These were the 3 main aspects of our birth chart, and to understand them better, do this brief interpretation exercise:

Fill in the following statements of your natal chart with the name of your sign

  • I am: (Sun)
  • I act like: (ASC)
  • I feel like: (Moon)


I AM ➡ Pisces

I act like ➡ Taurus

I FEEL LIKE ➡ Scorpio

4. Analyze your astrological houses

Like the zodiac signs, there are 12 astrological houses. Each house represents an aspect of our life, which will be influenced by the planet or planets that are located in it.

The planets exert more influence the closer they are to the beginning of the house they occupy. 

To understand the influence of each element, we have to ask ourselves the following questions:


SIGNS ➡ How?

HOUSES ➡ Where?

To learn how to interpret the astral houses, let’s see an example :

Imagine that in a natal chart the planet Venus is located in your Astral House V and in the sign of Taurus.

  • Venus would be the WHAT ?: Venus is the planet of love, the beautiful and the desirable.
  • Taurus would be the HOW? How does Venus behave in Taurus? Taurus is a sign that likes to be with a partner, likes stability and the pleasures of life.
  • House V would be the WHERE ? : In what area of ​​life is Venus going to manifest as Taurus? House V is the house of creativity, the individual, the family and children.

This means that this person is someone who is going to present the Taurus values ​​of love, the beautiful and the desirable, reflected in the aspects of House V (the individual, the family and the children).

Free Natal Chart Interpretation

One of the most insistent questions about the birth chart, in addition to its explanation, is “where do I get the interpretation of my birth chart for free?” 

Since we are not always in the possibility of paying an astrologer to read us the birth chart, the most logical thing is to search on portals that offer a decent explanation of the birth chart completely free of charge.

However, the internet is not always a reliable place, so, after a few hours of research, we have found the best web portals where you can find out what each thing in the birth chart means (planets, houses, ASC, etc.) for free

I share it below:

Where to read my astrological chart for free

To find out what my birth chart means, I had to search different websites of astrology experts (yes, many), because not all of them gave the same results. 

After researching a few hours, I found some jewels of astrology on the internet in which they gave me both the chart, as well as what each planet means in the birth chart, its complete explanation and all in a fairly understandable language.


  1. The first option is the Astro Seek website : In it you will find a friendly page where you must enter your date, place and exact time of birth to obtain an explanation of your astral chart. It is also possible to obtain your natal chart without the time of birth. This is a great advantage of this portal. It is the best option and the most recommended, since you will obtain very complete information on all aspects of your birth chart, in a language that is very easy to understand (and without paying a penny).
  2. The following is the portal of Los Arcanos : This is a less modern portal than Astro Seek, it takes a little longer to fill in the data of place, date and time of birth (here you’ll need to enter the time of birth) , but you get information that other portals do not offer, such as the elements (how much air, water, fire or earth has your natal chart), qualities and polarities. So it is also a highly recommended place to read your birth chart.
  3. The third and last portal is Grupo Venus : This portal is just pure gold. It differs greatly from the rest, because it reads the birth chart under different approaches. For example: vocational approach, numerological approach, spiritual, loving, and even karmic. The only reason it is not second on this list is because it is a bit more complicated than the previous two, but it makes up for it very well with such a comprehensive interpretation of the natal chart. 


To understand how to read your birth chart, all aspects of this guide must be considered. Although this topic is quite extensive and provides for several more articles, by understanding each of these aspects you will be able to decipher the most important information in your birth chart.

We saw that there are specialized websites where you can find out what each thing in your birth chart means for free. Remember to follow these recommendations with the best websites so you don’t waste your time (like I did at the beginning). 

As you can see, accessing the explanation of the birth chart does not have to be complicated, it can be free and very simple if you follow the advice in this step-by-step guide to read your natal chart.

 – Anuncio – 



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